After Bologna: Gender Studies in Entrepreneurial Universities

TU Berlin and Graz University


The current restructuring of higher education institutes as ›entrepreneurial universities‹ not only effects their internal organisational structures and their relations to external actors; significantly, it involves also changes in the production of scientific knowledge and thus, in scientific knowledge itself. The proposed project ›Gender Studies in entrepreneurial universities‹ focuses on this level of knowledge. It deals with the new gender studies curricula that have been installed in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland since 1997, i.e. at almost the same time the ›Bologna‹ reform was launched. The project assumes that the implementation of gender studies leads to the emergence of path-dependent, local ›institutional hybrids‹ (Richard Münch) linking ›Bologna‹ requirements with the objectives of gender studies.

By carrying out qualitative, actor-centered, comparative case studies on the implementation process of gender studies, the project will assess (1) the knowledge, the issues and topical questions, the theories, methods and fields of application that have entered the curricula and are thus presented as relevant scientific knowledge on gender, (2) the negotiation processes that started even before the implementation process and accompanied it, (3) the actors usually involved in the process, and (4) the impact of the imperatives of the ›enterpreneurial university‹ and the ›Bologna‹ reforms on the present gender studies curricula.



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